BOSS GP: The fastest racing series in Europe and one of the most spectacular series in the international motorsports world. Brute race monsters from Formula 1 go head to head against GP2, IndyCars, Renault’s World Series, A1 GP and any other powerful, fast and noisy single-seater cars. This series is built on speed, spectacle and noise and is a true paradise for drivers motorsports fans alike.

The preparations for the 2023 season are in full swing, confirms mastermind Ingo Gerstl: “We only race on tracks with the highest safety standards.” Besides classic events like the Bosch Hockenheim Historic, there are also a few surprises planned for the 2023 race calendar: “Like every year, we want to organise a varied calendar, but I can’t tell you any more than that yet.” With increasing numbers of starters and a strengthening of the organisational team, the BOSS GP Racing Series is still continuing to assert itself as a reliable racing series, even in times of crisis.

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