• Bosch Hockenheim Historic from 27 to 29 August 2021
  • Special highlight: The Black&Gold Collection features historic Formula 1 treasures from Lotus

The sound of old racing engines, the smell of burnt oil and tyre rubber, the technically wonderfully imperfect aesthetics of historic bolides – the “Bosch Hockenheim Historic – The Jim Clark Revival” is a feast for the senses. Twelve different racing series for formula cars, touring cars as well as sports prototypes and GT vehicles attract fans to the time-honoured Motodrom on the last weekend in August. Finally again, one might say. Because what is a racing event without fans?

So it fits in perfectly that the event is the venue for a special world premiere. The “Black&Gold Collection” by ChromeCars is a collection of old monoposti that will give real Grand Prix fans goose bumps. As the name suggests, the colours black and gold dominate, which means that nostalgics immediately know which legendary five letters are involved: LOTUS.

The racing team around the unforgotten Colin Chapman made history – not only with the Formula 1 World Championship titles for Jim Clark (1963 and 1965), Graham Hill (1968), Jochen Rindt (1970), Emerson Fittipaldi (1972) and Mario Andretti (1978), but also with a lot of technical innovation. Chapman was one who always looked for the gap in the regulations and very often found it. Sometimes the legendary team boss, who used to throw his cap in front of the wheels of his winning cars when they crossed the finish line, overshot the mark – such as with the Lotus 88, which shocked the competition in 1981 with a double chassis and was promptly banned.

An original copy of that Lotus 88 is part of the Black&Gold Collection, which now consists of several historic Formula 1 cars, including the Lotus 76, which replaced Rindt and Fittipaldi’s world champion car, the Lotus 72, from 1974. Or the Lotus 77, with which Andretti won the memorable rain battle at the season finale in Fuji, Japan, in 1976. The Lotus 81, a classic representative of the ground effect era. Or the conventional Lotus 92, which was used from 1983 onwards.

Marco Werner: “To be able to drive these great racing cars is a privilege!”
And the best thing is: some of these racing cars are not only to be admired statically at the Bosch Hockenheim Historic, but in full action on the race track. And that this is not just a leisurely parade but a real demonstration of performance, sound and spectacle is guaranteed by someone who has been active in the classic scene for around ten years and is no less successful than he was before during his professional career as an Audi works driver and winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2005, 2006 and 2007: Marco Werner.

The Dortmund native has been closely associated with ChromeCars for years and also competed in the aforementioned Lotus 77 at the Grand Prix Historic in Monaco last April, where it came to a spectacular duel with Jean Alesi in the Ferrari 312 B3. “Every ride in such a vehicle is a journey back in time,” enthuses the now 55-year-old. “As a little boy, I followed the Formula 1 races with fascination. And of course Lotus was a name I grew up with and which exuded so much fascination back then. The fact that I get to drive these great cars myself today is something very special for me.”

The racing pro describes the appeal of the old cars with the imperfection of the racing technology of that time: “It’s a completely different kind of racing, in a way a step backwards. Because these cars do not yet have significant aerodynamics and the mechanical grip of modern racing cars, even though they represent the best of their time. With the Lotus 77, I can still get across in fourth gear. It’s a lot of fun to drive these cars at the limit. Of course, there is a lot of respect for these cars. It’s a privilege to be able to drive them and I’m delighted to be able to contribute to the world premiere of the Black&Gold Collection at the Bosch Hockenheim Historic.”

But modernity is also represented in the Black&Gold Collection – for example, in the form of two Lotus sports prototypes that were used in the LMP2 category from the 2012 season. Or special editions of the Lotus Esprit and Exige road sports cars as well as two motorbikes (Norton F1 and Lotus C-01). All vehicles have one thing in common: they are either black or golden or both. And that alone makes them a real visual highlight for the fans.

Tickets available
Spectators are admitted to the Bosch Hockenheim Historic subject to compliance with a hygiene concept, which includes 3G proof (recovered, vaccinated or tested) and mandatory masks. Tickets are available both in advance and at the box office.

As always, the prices at the Bosch Hockenheim Historic – The Jim Clark Revival are kept extremely family-friendly. Friday tickets start at just 10 euros, day tickets for Saturday and Sunday start at 30 euros, and those who want to experience the entire weekend at close quarters can get in for 45 euros. And for those who like it a bit more exclusive, there are VIP tickets starting at 200 euros with appropriate support. Tickets are available via the online ticket shop or by calling the hotline at +49(0)6205 950-222.



Photo: Sio Motion For ChromeCars