The Triumph Competition & British HTGT is the historic racing series of the TR-Register Germany e.V., internationally recognised by the FIA. In 2019, the Triumph Competition & British HTGT will enter its 26th season. This is not just a sign of how popular the racing series has become, it also confirms the firm commitment of TR-Register Deutschland e.V., one of the biggest brand clubs in Germany.

It is one of the few historic racing series where drivers race by the series’ own technical regulations with special rules that deviate from FIA Appendix K. Performance, equal opportunity, safety and cost efficiency are the priority. This regulation takes into account the desire for “more liberal” technical optimisation possibilities. It also refines the racing classes for cars with over three-litre cylinder capacity in order to tighten competition between the individual cylinder capacity classes. Competitors whose racing cars are built according to FIA Appendix K nevertheless enjoy equal opportunities with the technically more open classes through the current ratings system in the Triumph Competition & British HTGT.

In Triumph Competition & British HTGT competitions, the field of drivers regularly boasts the most diverse models with brands including Austin Healey, Jaguar, Marcos, MG, Morgan and TVR and many more up until construction year 1981, alongside the whole Triumph range from Spitfire to the TR8. Thus, the events are not just for drivers on the racing track; they are also really exciting for the spectators on the stands. For more information go to: