Beautiful people, beautiful cars from the great era of motorsport, exciting and fair races, an open drivers’ paddock for the public and a whole lot of fun together. This is what awaits you at the UPS4ALL Youngtimer Touring Car Challenge in 2018, too.

“We are here to entertain the fans, the organisers, the families and us, of course,” says YTCC organiser Randall Lawson. “The races are simply about driving the racing car as fast as possible, having a whole lot of fun on the track with the other drivers, enjoying this privilege together with the other participants in the drivers’ paddock and celebrating the fact that we can do this. No, it isn’t a championship and we don’t crown any world champions here – we are nothing of the sort. When racing in the UPS4ALL YTCC, it is really just about enjoying life together with friends from all over the world. Competing against each other with a broad smile on our faces. Of course, you don’t let the driver in front of you win the battle on the track – but that’s only because the loser has to pay for the beer in the evening. And at the end of the day, that is all we’re trying to do in racing.”

The UPS4ALL YTCC has proved itself as the racing series that simply everyone wants to drive in. And you can do it in touring cars, sports cars, prototypes and even Le Mans and Imsa cars up to 1990. Look forward to seeing this incredibly likeable racing series and their participants from 20 to 22 April!

You can find more information about the series online at: