Access to the event is only allowed if you can show one of the following certificates (please have a valid identity card with you):


  • Certificate of complete vaccination – Vaccinated persons are all persons who can present verification of vaccination completed for at least 14 days by means of vaccination documentation.

Recovery from Covid-19-disease

  • Certification of recovery from Covid-19-disease – All persons who have already been tested positive themselves are considered to be recovered persons, as long as they can provide evidence of an infection with the coronavirus confirmed by a PCR test and are no longer subject to any segregation obligation. The confirmed infection must have been diagnosed no longer than six months ago.


  • Certification of a confirmed daytime Covid-19-Antigen rapid – Certification of a confirmed daily Covid 19 antigen rapid test.

Children up to and including five years of age, kindergarten children and children who have not yet started school, as well as children attending elementary and secondary schools, children at special education and counseling centers (SBBZ), and students at vocational schools are exempt from the testing requirement. Proof is provided here by means of an appropriate identification document, such as a child’s passport or schoolchildren’s ID card.

In accordance with the new Corona regulations, there is only an obligation to wear a medical mask outdoors if the minimum distance cannot be reliably kept. This is the situation at the Bosch Hockenheim Historic at the ticket control stations, the entrances (e.g. to the paddock) and the stairways to the grandstands. The mask can be removed on the grandstand seats themselves and whenever there is a minimum distance of 1.5 meters.

In addition to the online ticket pre-sale in our ticket-shop, the box offices are also open on site.


  • Friday – Main Grandstand
  • Saturday & Sunday – Main Grandstand + South Grandstand C/D

Please note that all persons (Tested – Vaccinated – Recovered), have to pass the 3G control everyday.

Process on site

A map of the available stations/admission controls can be found here: