The Formula Junior, today also called the Lurani Trophy, was the idea of the Italian Earl Johnny Lurani to create an beginners’ class in order to bring Italian drivers back into Grand Prix racing. With a small and light monoposto, the young drivers should be able to prepare themselves for bigger tasks. The starting signal was then given in 1957.

A rapid spread of the racing series around the globe and the low entry costs made the construction of Formula Junior racing cars and the operation of a racing team both attractive and lucrative for numerous companies. Even classic racing teams like Brabham, Lola or Cooper produced Formula Junior racing cars. From 1960 onwards, there was also a Formula Junior championship in Germany.

Tradition is very important to the racing series, and the Bosch Hockenheim Historic has been the season opener for the Lurani Trophy, named after its inventor, for many years. Hockenheim provides a great stage for close racing in front of a large audience. Here, drivers from all over the world come together again after the long winter to celebrate their beautiful cars and their friendships.

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