Historic Formula Vau Europa e.V. starts at the Bosch Hockenheim Historic

Ferry Porsche and the former Porsche racing director Huschke von Hanstein were enthusiastic about the idea of “motorsport for everyone” that had been developed in the USA – and in 1964 they brought 12 cars to Europe without further ado. Over the years, this became the largest series of post-war racing events ever held anywhere in the world.

The Historic Formula Vau Europa e.V. still keeps this spirit alive today. The European association currently has around 300 members from 14 countries. And shows the whole history of Formula Vau in impressive starting fields on race tracks all over Europe.

The racing cars from the 60s, 70s and 80s are used according to contemporary regulations and presented to the public. The club thus revives the “golden times” of Formula Vau and Super Vau. The aim is to bring the beautiful racing cars back to the race track as original as possible and to maintain their history.