• Historic racing cars from all classes and eras

The fascinatingly diverse world of historical motor racing – and a family atmosphere: this is the theme that will greet visitors to the Bosch Hockenheim Historic – The Jim Clark Revival event which is taking place from 20th to 22nd April at the Hockenheim Ring Baden-Württemberg. All classes of vehicles from all epochs plus their enthusiastic owners will be creating a huge spectacle on the race track and great entertainment throughout the grounds for three whole exciting days. Spectators will get to see a total of 15 series – and pure racing is scheduled for nine of them.

The “Jim Clark Revival” was initiated in honour of the legendary Scottish Formula 1 world champion who died in a tragic accident at the Hockenheim Ring on 7th April 1968. The charisma of racing driver Jim Clark and the Lotus brand is kept alive in two race series in particular at the Bosch Hockenheim Historic: the Lotus Cup Europe and the historic Formula 2. The cup is the only official Lotus race series worldwide. Full starting fields, thrilling duel combat-style racing and the whole range of Lotus cars are distinguishing features of the series. In 2017, the champion was not crowned until the finale. Historical Formula 2 is booming at the moment. The organisers are expecting over 50 drivers in 2018! During the late 1970s, the F2 was the springboard for young talents in Grand Prix sport such as Jim Clark, Keke Rosberg, Jochen Rindt, Niki Lauda and Jackie Stewart. Successful F1 drivers used it to earn additional income on GP-free weekends.

Goosebumps guaranteed: at the BOSS GP and CanAm Cup
When the racing cars of the BOSS GP series are on the race track, you can be sure that all eyes will be upon them. The Big Open Single Seater, including early Formula 1 car models, speak in plain language – including their characteristic ten cylinder engines. But the representatives from series such as the Superleague Formula, the F2 or the IndyCar series are also powerful members of the racing car engine orchestra. The competitors in the CanAm Cup (CANADIAN-AMERICAN Challenge Cup) are in no way inferior, neither visually or acoustically. The series only existed from 1966 to 1974. The engineers were given de facto no limits; that’s why the cars are brimming over with power and speed. The organisers of the historic CanAm Cup speak boldly about “Jurassic Park for HP Monsters”. The Ring quakes at the flying start of the CanAm cars. If you are there on-site, then make sure you take a look in the team pits. Amazingly, you are not only allowed to do this, but positively encouraged!

The historical treasures that the “Raceclub Germany” – an association of motor sport fans who own Formula cars – and the “Raceclub Germany powered by FNT” are bringing to the Jim Clark Revival will ensure a healthy kind of heart fluttering. The former are bringing Grand Prix car highlights such as the Maserati 250F of Stirling Moss (1957) and the Cooper T53 (1961). The pièces de résistance from the highly professional FNT team Raceclub are the 1984 Williams Honda of Keke Rosberg, the Ferrari of Michael Schumacher from 1997 as well as Toyota Formula 1 racing cars from the 2000s – such as the one of Timo Glock with which the German 2008 team unintentionally made Lewis Hamilton the world champion. Retaining the value of the cars plays a fairly big role so there are only short show drives on the programme.

Historic touring car hurly-burly: great fun for spectators
There will be several touring car series fighting for the favour of the spectators between 20th and 22nd April. The “Touring Car Classics” are celebrating their première at the Bosch Hockenheim Historic. The first series in summer 2016, under the auspices of Leopold Prince of Bavaria, was a splendid success. In some cockpits of former DTM racers or super touring cars from the late 80s, enthusiastic private collectors and ex-professionals take turns. In 2017 for example, Klaus Ludwig, Christian Danner and Roland Asch were among the starting field of almost 50 cars. For more than 30 years, the Special Touring Car Trophy H&R Cup has been causing sensations. Here, a successful mix of old and new cars – wide mudguards and over-dimensional rear wings, awaken memories of wonderful races in the past. The organisers are dividing the field into different classes, to bring together swift-as-lightening GT3 cars, DTM fireballs, Porsche cup and group C cars or exotic specimens such as the Donkervoort D8R in one series.

The CSN Groep Youngtimer Touring Car Challenge gains its attractiveness from a colourfully mixed starting field: touring cars, sports cars, prototypes. Motto: have fun! That’s also the motto of the Touring Cars Revival series. Instead of door-to-door duels, uniformity inspections are on the menu: According to the organisers, they offer “the best mix of sporty competition on the one hand and orderly driving on the racing track on the other”. BMW M3, Ford Sierra, Mercedes 190, Opel Omega and Volvo 850 as well as exotics like an Audi 90 quattro IMSA GTO, BMW M1 or a Ford Capri are very much at home here.

Formula cars, Lurani and Triumph series, “11s” and Maserati – all inclusive
Of course in Hockenheim, the dashing Formula racers of the Historic Racecar Association will also be putting in an appearance! Where would motorsport be without the F3? Even Super Vee Formula cars and other up-and-coming monoposti classes are joining in. The main thing is: One-seater and without roof! Driving also takes place without roof in the FIA Lurani Trophy, established 60 years ago by Count Lurani for new entrants. Things become Very British when the Triumph Competition & British HTGT rolls up to the starting blocks – with a Triumph palette ranging from Spitfire to TR8 or models from the brands Austin Healey, Jaguar, MG and Morgan. For the show rides, the drivers of the “Eleven Classics” will be turning out in their 11s, as will fans of the German Maserati club. For the 40th anniversary of the club, the show drive of the Passionata Maserati is lead by former racing driver Michael Bartels with his World Championship car Maserati MC 12 GT1.